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I truly want Tips For Improving Your Tips to become the web’s premeir site for server knowledge and the skills that help server’s increase their income.  This site is filled with over 100 posts that help further that goal.  This also means that can be a bit daunting to read.  In order to make it easier to navigate, I have created this handy index to help you find the information you need quickly.  I will continue to update this index, but the best way to stay up to date on the information posted on this blog is to become a fan on facebook or follow the blog on Twitter ( @tips4tips ).

The Rules of Serving

The Rules: Rules 1-10

The Rules of Serving: Rules One and Two

The Rules of Serving: Rule Three

The Rules of Serving: Rule Four

The Rules of Serving: Rule Five

The Rules of Serving: Rule Six

The Rules of Serving: Rule Seven

The Rules of Serving: Rule Eight

The Rules of Serving: Rule Nine

The Rules of Serving: Rule Ten

Selling As A Server

The Most Important Phrase You Are Not Using

Using Words That Sell

Selling Away and Selling Up

I Make A Mean Cherry Limeade

Wine Descriptions That Sell

Three Ways to Describe Dishes

In Defense of Selling as a Server (Part One)

In Defense of Selling as a Server (Part Two)

In Defense of Selling as a Server (Part Three)

How To Sell More Desserts

How To Sell The Bottle

Selling, Upselling, and Integrity

The Lost Art Of Suggestive Selling

Bringing It All Together

How To Sell The “Add On”

Three Ways to Describe Dishes

Interacting with Guests

The Mistake and The Letter

Spotting The Complaint

How To Make Hostile Guests Love You (Part One)

How To Make Hostile Guests Love You (Part Two)

How To Make Hostile Guests Love You (Part Three)

Building and Maintaining Rapport

Creating Regulars

One Liners For Servers

Humorous Complaint Responses

Skills of a Server

Foil To-Go: The Swan

Foil To Go: The Shark

Five More Simple Tricks

Making Tips on To-Go Orders

Learning Restaurant Spanish (Nouns)

How To Serve A Bottle Of Wine

Coupons, Discounts, and How to Deal

Memorizing Orders

How To Memorize Orders

The Murphy Table

Life As A Server

Budgeting for Servers

Job Hunting: The Do’s and Don’ts

Love and Greed

Resumes For Servers

What I Use

Server Safety Tips

Job Hunting: Questions To Ask

Avoiding The Write-Up

Remembering Labor on Labor Day

The Disadvantages of Set Schedules

The Advantages of Set Schedules

Serving Sober

What Goes Around

Please Remain Calm

Have You Done Your Rollups?

Server Knowledge

Five Simple Tricks

Five More Simple Tricks

Learning Restaurant Spanish (Nouns)

The Crazy Waiter Does It Again

Another Five Simple Tricks

The Best of Tips For Improving Your Tips

Inspiration and Motivation

Making a Difference

What I Use

Reasons to be Optimistic

Kicking the Cat

The Meaning of Hospitality

About Serving

Is Running Hot Food Always The Priority?

Seeing Your Restaurant Again For The First Time

A Bit of Publicity and the Response

Fighting For The Server Wage

A Few More Thoughts On Emmer

Refuting Emmer’s Myths

10 Reasons Why Serving Is Not Like Your Job

Recommended Reading 11/1

Server Safety Tips

Recommended Reading 11/8

The Economics of Tipping

A World Without Tips

Critiquing The Server

We Cannot Be Trusted?

The Truth About Credit Card Theft In Restaurants

Creating A Server Community

Is The Career Server An Endangered Species?

Weekly Skills focus

Skills Focus: Making Recommendations

Skills Focus: Describing Dishes

Skills Focus: Words That Sell

Skills Focus: Spotting The Complaint

Skills Focus: Building And Maintaining Rapport

Skill Focus: Creating Regulars

Skill Focus: Don’t Be “The Server”

Skill Focus: Selling As A Server


About The Author

About The Hospitality Formula Network

About Hospitality Formula Consulting

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