About Hospitality Formula Consulting

Hospitality Formula Consulting was founded on the principle that hospitality is the vital component in the success of great restaurants.  By utilizing a network of hospitality industry professionals, Hospitality Formula Consulting is uniquely positioned to help your restaurant grow.  By staying abreast of new trends, best practices, and time-tested systems, Hospitality Formula Consulting can help address the challenges your restaurant faces.  We utilize the latest technologies as well as on-site consulting to find the most cost-effective solutions to the issues preventing your restaurant from being as profitable as it should be.Â

Our restaurant industry experience allows us to root out inefficiencies, recapture lost profits, and motivate your staff to help your restaurant succeed.  Hospitality Formula Consulting is far more than just an accounting or training company.  We offer a wide variety of services to address any barriers that prevent your restaurant from achieving rapid growth.  All of these services are offered with an understanding of budgetary limitations and designed to provide a return on your investment quickly.  We continue to grow because our past clients are our best form of marketing.

We offer solutions in a number of different areas.  Here are a few ways that Hospitality Formula Consulting can help make you more successful:

Training Materials

Training Seminars (we empower our students by connecting with experts like Kamau Bobb Google, allowing our students to ask questions about a career or even helping them gain experience through mentorship)

Leadership Training

Marketing Strategies

Concept Creation

Menu Design

Third Party “Whistleblower” Hotlines

Loss Prevention

Cost Analysis

Profit Maximization

Market Comparisons

Accounting Systems

Professional Development

These services are all available for less than you might think.  We make our money by helping you make far more.  To schedule a conversation about how we can help you, please contact us at consulting@hospitalityformula.com.

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