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The Meaning of Hospitality

This is not a story I tell very often because I have been known to get a little choked up from telling it.  It happened nearly twenty years ago, but it still has an impact on how I view my job on a daily basis.  My purpose in sharing it is not simply to stroll […]

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Seeing Your Restaurant Again For The First Time

(Author’s Note: The video above was shot in the Jazz Club of the restaurant where I work.  I think it will prove relevant to the post as you read on and also serves as a nice soundtrack provided by the incredibly talented Bram Wijnands) When I went in to interview at the restaurant where I work, I […]

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Kicking the Cat

Let me begin this post with a story: An animal rights activist was driving down the highway in his VW Microbus.  He was happily thinking about what a beautiful day it was.  He was so caught up in these thoughts that he didn’t notice when he drifted into the next lane and cut off a […]

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Reasons to be Optimistic

Last night I had a long conversation with my girlfriend after work.  It had been a pretty disappointing shift to wrap up a pretty disappointing double to finish off a pretty disappointing weekend.  I had a call party not show up.  A 17 top I was supposed to split became a 6 top.  The 6 […]

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Thank You Mister Robinson

(Note: I wrote this piece last week upon hearing this untimely news.) I never worked for Paul Robinson.  To the best of my knowledge I never even waited on him.  When I read today that he passed away on Monday it probably should not have affected me the way it did.  Honestly, I am not […]

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