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What can I do to increase my online rank

SEO companies have professional tools and methods to conduct SEO Audits and increase your rank on the search list. Some of the biggest websites like CNN, The Huffington Post, Yahoo, and LinkedIn are well known and their rankings can be a result of high quality content that attracts traffic and leads to sales. For more […]

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restaurant Credit card receipt

Should Restaurant Servers Post Credit Card Receipts?

With the rise of social media, it is becoming more common to read stories of servers posting the credit card receipts of guests to show the size of the tip they received.  This can include terrible tips that guests have left.  It has also grown to include showing the incredible tips left by celebrities and […]

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Rude Restaurant Guest

SD WAN Technology

SD WAN technology supports quality of service policy and is what determines where dynamic path selection will steer traffic. It’s impossible for this technology to be faulted entirely for the global carrier fault; there are other root causes involved as well. But, it’s the nature of the technology that is what failed. SD WAN helps […]

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Transitioning From A Restaurant Manager To A Restaurant Server

Transitioning from a restaurant manager to a restaurant server was one of the more surreal experiences of my career. I knew in advance it would take time to acclimate to my new role, but did not quite know what to expect. As a manager I felt that I was missing out on a great deal […]

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Better KC Kelly Jones

The Blooper Reel

Live TV is an art form I have great appreciation for. The people who perform it can seemingly handle anything. They know like the great stage actors before them that the show must go on. In a way it is very much like waiting tables. No matter what the guests say to you as a […]

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