The Best of Tips For Improving Your Tips

Welcome to the final installment of “best of” week on The Hospitality Formula Network.  Today I am looking back to where it all began.  Tips2 was the original focus when I began blogging.  It is still the largest blog on the network and in my opinion the one that can have the most impact on the income of those who read it.  Lately, posting on this site has been a bit more limited.  The reason for this will become apparent over the next few months.

You will also notice that the blog looks different today.  I changed the format of it from the layout of tipsfortips to a layout more similar to the rest of the blogs on the network.  Today’s “best of” post will also have a different layout from the rest of the posts this week.  The same reason is behind both changes.  For some reason search engines really don’t like this blog.  While a site like foodie knowledge can get over 100 views a day from search engines, this site will be lucky to get five.  Hopefully the format change will help solve this problem.  It also explains why listing the most viewed pages is less informative.

Instead, I am going to focus this post on recapping the articles that I feel have the most potential to increase the income of servers.

Ten Most Valuable Posts on Tips2

Rule Five:  Always Recommend What Is in the Guests Best Interest, Not Yours: If I could change the way servers are trained in one way, this would be it.  Selling is a service, not just a way to increase the size of a guest’s check.

The Most Important Phrase You Are Not Using: This was the first post I wrote.  It is not my best writing, but I do believe the concept is incredibly powerful in increasing your income.

The Lost Art of Suggestive Selling: Corporate restaurants teach the concept of “suggestive selling” in a way that turns off guests.  There is a better way to do this that leads to happier guests and increased sales.

Rule Three: Generic Servers Receive Generic Tips:  Why you as a server cannot afford to be generic.  Bringing personality to your service and “humanizing” yourself in your guests mind is the key to exceptional tips.

Coupons, Discounts, and How to Deal:  With the increasing frequency of discounts and coupons, these techniques will help to preserve your tips.

I Make a Mean Cherry Limeade: Another early post on this blog.  How this simple line can give you vital information about your guests and what they are looking for in their meal.

Three Ways to Describe Dishes:  Finding the best way to describe dishes and specials to your guests will increase your sales and lead to happier guests.

Selling Away and Selling Up:  How to move guests from less impressive dishes to those they will enjoy more.  Satisfied guests will return and reward you for these efforts.

Wine Descriptions That Sell:  Describing wine in a way that appeals to your guests will help them find the wine they want and make them far more satisfied.

Creating Regulars: This post shows how to turn your guests into regulars of the restaurant and your section.

Tips2 will continue to provide the best information available to servers to increase their income.  I started blogging for this reason.  I want servers who choose to educate themselves on how to do their job better to have a resource to find this information.  Tips2 is just one of the resources I am working on to provide that information.  The next will be available for everyone soon.

Tips2: Tips For Improving Your Tips is the new book from the author of The Hospitality Formula Network.  It contains the 52 essential skills of the exceptional server.  This book teaches the philosophy to turn average service into an exceptional guest experience that will rapidly increase your tips.  This book shows how you can provide better customer service and dramatically improve your tips.  Enter the coupon code “squared” to receive 20% off your copy today.

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