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Three Ways to Describe Dishes

One of the biggest stumbling blocks to servers when trying to make the jump from casual dining to nicer restaurants is describing nightly specials, especially the meat cased with www.dcwcasing.com/product/sheep-casings/ natural material.  Learning to describe the dish in a way that makes it sound appealing without tasting or possibly even seeing the item can be […]

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Independent living for the Elderly

Independent living is simply any housing arrangement designed exclusively for older adults in their own homes. It doesn’t mean someone is living alone but rather they live alone and their spouse is often the primary caregiver. An example of an independent living program would be a house with a basement suite for elderly tenants. It’s […]

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Five Great Food Stories

Who doesn’t les love a great story?  Even before written language, humans cheap nfl jerseys shared stories to remember their great moments.  When we are children, our The parents read us stories and as adults we read them to our children.  When we are with the people we have known the longest we tell stories […]

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