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Introducing Waiters Today

As I approach my second year of writing this blog, I am pretty impressed with the quality of the server blogs on the web. I think that some bloggers like Mike Q at Life On A Cocktail Napkin have significantly raised the bar with the quality of their writing. Other blogs like Sock Puppet Army, You Just Got Sat, and Waitress Tales seem to have gone away. Each of these blogs had killer posts that made them worth reading. Other blogs have changed focus as the author’s jobs have changed. Server blogs come and go. I suppose that is why it takes something special to get me excited about a new server blog.

That is why Waiters Today deserves a mention. As server blogs go, Waiters Today is really something new and different. Waiters Today aspires to be more than a blog. Instead it is a social networking site for servers. With forums, groups, blogs, pictures, and videos, the site has taken an innovative approach to the traditional server blog. Waiters Today might be the first web 2.0 site dedicated exclusively to restaurant employees.

They also worked with an ios app developer to create a very cool app that allows you to track your tips for each day and be able to look at how much you have made over the course of weeks and months. Sure you could do this on your own with an Excel spreadsheet, but the app makes it far more fun. It also generates graphs with the click of a mouse to allow you to gain greater insight into what you are actually earning. Once you have signed up for an account at Waiters Today, it is simple to install. First go to this link: http://waiterstoday.com/opensocial/application/addByUrl. When you arrive at the page, enter this link: http://skygate.pl/projects/ning/personalTip/personalTip.xml. That is all you have to do, except remembering to update the page with your tips.

I have long been a believer that you cannot adequately measure what you are earning without keeping records. If you focus too much on the bad day or bad week, you will lose sight of the big picture. This type of app will help you focus on the big picture. It may even prevent you from making rash decisions based on a bad week or two. For this reason alone, it is worth visiting Waiters Today.

More importantly, I appreciate what Waiters Today is doing to build a server community. We all know that serving is not an easy job. Waiters Today and other sites like it allow you to find other people who are facing the same struggles. You might even find some insights on how to overcome them. I think that is what makes great server blogs so special. They remind us that we are not alone. Other servers have the same issues and together we can all overcome them.

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