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Finding The Right Restaurant Job

Lately I have spent a great deal of time playing restaurant matchmaker.  One of the cool, but unexpected, results of writing this blog is getting to know some of the top restaurant owners in the area.  I always encourage them to let me know when they have a job opening.  This is handy because it […]

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fine dining

The Fine Dining Service Conundrum

Since most of you are not from Kansas City, a bit of background is in order.  The most popular show on our local public television station is called Check Please.  It is a show that allows three people to talk about their favorite restaurant.  Each of the three guests selects a restaurant and all three […]

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tip jar

Is A Service Charge A Gratuity?

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Why Your Non-Slip Shoes Matter

I had a conversation last night with some former servers about the “serving lifestyle.”  They fondly recalled sleeping until noon and closing down the late night bars.  Those are some of the more glamorous parts of being a server.  The part people don’t often fondly recall is being uninsured and any injury being catastrophic.  If you cannot work, you […]

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It Is Time To Act

Yesterday, I took a moment to give thanks to a number of people in the Kansas City restaurant community I am incredibly grateful for.  Today, I feel there is an issue in this community that I can no longer ignore.  Last week we suffered a tremendous loss as a community when one of our brightest […]

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