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Foodie Friday: Beef Made Easy (Part Three)

My father is a big fan of Westerns.  They always seemed a little formulaic to me.  White hat wearing good guys who save the day and rides into the western sunset.  Just as those cowboys marked the end of their journey, my discussion of beef is also riding into the sunset.  Before it ends, just […]

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Foodie Friday: Beef Made Easy (Part Two)

Note: If you missed the first part of this series that outlined steak cuts and the USDA grading system, you can find it by clicking here) I had a dream about cows last night.  I have consumed more information about cows and steaks in the last week than any man really should.  I also consumed […]

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Foodie Friday: Beef Made Easy (Part One)

Even some great servers have trouble explaining steak cuts.  There are so many terms used to describe beef that it almost becomes a case of contrived complexity.  Some terms are legitimate government sponsored grades while cattle ranchers create others as a marketing tool.  For a food that many of us eat for nearly every meal, […]

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