Mixed Greens/ Spring Mix


Salads have becoming much more confusing over the years.  We have moved from iceberg and romaine to a variety of weeds, leafs, and greens.  Spring mix and mixed greens can be found on even casual restaurant’s menus.  Still the components of these mixtures can be a mystery to even the most knowledgeable foodies.  Some of those greens would even surprise some chefs.

Years ago while working for a restaurant called Paradise Grill a chef taught me to identify these greens.  I was recently asked by a guest about a particular leaf and was stumped.  So as a refresher I have been boning up on my greens knowledge.  Some of these are very interesting, so I decided to share the information with all of you.  This list is by no means comprehensive, but does serve as a good primer to those who are curious.

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