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The Rules of Serving: Rule Five

Rule Five: Always recommend what is in the guest’s best interest, not yours.     (Note: There are many hyperlinks today that will send you to posts were I have previously addressed specifically issues that I address in this post.) This is the second time in two days I have sat down to write this […]

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The Rules of Serving: Rule Four

Rule Four: Guests do not care how much you know, until they know how much you care We have truly become a nation of cynics.  We doubt the sincerity of others and feel that no deal comes without a catch.  We have good reason.  Every special offer comes with fine print.  We are constantly being […]

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The Rules of Serving: Rule Three

  Rule Three: Generic Servers Receive Generic Tips.   We all have seen it before.  The server who walks up to a table and lifelessly repeats the corporate approved script when greeting a table.  They seem as if they are only about three more repetitions from developing a facial tick from irritation.  No inflection or […]

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The Rules of Serving: Rules One and Two

Rule One:  If you worry about the guest, the money will take care of itself.   Rule Two:  If you worry about the money, the guests will not take care of themselves.   Rules one and two are corollaries of the same basic principle.  Your focus as a server must be on the guest and […]

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The Rules: Rules 1-10

If I were not a server, I think I would make a good scientist.  My approach to serving is very similar to scientists testing new theories.  I form hypothesis and experiment to see if it can be proves true or false.  Everything I write about here has been tested on thousands of guests and over […]

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