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Are you participating in the ERASMUS programme and will you soon be studying at a German university? With DAAD support, you can take part in an online German course organized by DUO. Enjoy the benefits of learning German from home for up to 3 months, which will make you the best preparation for your stay in Germany. To register for an English course as a language of instruction, please contact your department coordinator for more information on the required level of English language. Even if the courses you take at FH Dortmund are taught in English, you should consider learning German to manage daily life in Dortmund. The following programs are available in English. It`s true! It is actually a good field to specialize and work, because it could add value to the social aspects of a society. There are young people around the world who need learning assistance, but unfortunately, in some cultures, it is not really a problem. Rather, it is ignored by calling it something other than the shadow of laziness or apology. Often it is not possible to draw up a list of all seminars in advance, as most faculties publish their seminar lists at the beginning of the semester. If you want to add or delete a selected seminar in the learning agreement, use the additional change form and make sure you collect all the necessary signatures. You will meet with a faculty coordinator for seminar, project and credit issues. You will receive the name of the person in charge of the International Office. The faculty of food is apparently the preferred “faculty” of many students at the University of Dortmund.

Not only do students from different faculties of the university enjoy eating here, but they also have an interdisciplinary dialogue that is a good source of learning. On a cold winter evening, I had a chance to have a cup of coffee with a Dutch friend who studied abroad (Erasmus in Germany) during the winter semester 2015/16. I spent time abroad at my home university, the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, in the Netherlands. It appeared that it was very interesting and informative. I was delighted to go to Prague or Dortmund. My university had a study agreement with the TU so I was able to discover this program in Dortmund. First of all, because it offered good learning opportunities in my field of study, which is orthopedic (in Dutch), specialized pedagogy and youth care, I would say in English. At home, I studied how to manage learning difficulties, especially among young people, and how to help and educate people with disabilities. During Erasmus in Germany, I am in charge of rehabilitation sciences and I focus more on people with mental disabilities and their social commitment.

But beyond academic reasons, because of the social exposure I was able to obtain thanks to an Erasmus experience that not only best suits my studies, but which could also develop my understanding of cultural diversity and help me to grow as a person. Students selected by their home university to study at the University of Dortmund under the Erasmus programme will receive more information on requirements and preparation measures (e.g.B.


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