Autodesk License And Services Agreement

Any software (including updates or upgrades) made available to you or delivered by Autodesk is authorized, is not sold for a limited subscription period, and you cannot transfer or cede the license unless applicable legislation expressly allows it, regardless of a contrary prohibition of the contract or as expressly allows by Autodesk. Your web subscription does not license you for the underlying software used to provide the web service. Frequent Errors Customers can make mistakes with Autodesk software licenses, like z.B.: -Thinking that all software licensing agreements are equal – let people/departments buy their own software – Reuse old machines – Employees download unlicensed software – Share logins – Don`t understand Degusingen – Buy a collection of industries and make it available on different machines – No Software Asset Management Process 2. Carefully check current licensing reports to ensure that all licenses are properly reflected. In addition to ensuring the accuracy of monitoring data, Autodesk customers should also ensure that Autodesk`s authorization reports reflect all existing licenses. If a customer finds that not all licenses they have are registered or registered with the false name, they must take all necessary steps to remedy these problems. With a few exceptions, Autodesk generally applies the requirements for the transfer of license possession. 7.6 Indications. Autodesk`s communications must be made in writing and can be emailed or sent to Autodesk Account or your Autodesk account or any other method that Autodesk has reasonably decided will provide appropriate notification. You cannot cancel receiving these notifications. Notifications must be made in writing and can be emailed to The instructions provided by Autodesk are effective (i) in case of email communications if they are sent to the email address provided on your customer information form (or if no customer information form or email address is provided, at another address known to you or in your name or provided to Autodesk) or (ii) if you book the Autodesk account or your Autodesk account or other methods deemed appropriate by Autodesk, ten (10) working days after such messages were sent to the Autodesk account or to your Autodesk account or sent reasonably defined by Autodesk.

The messages you make to Autodesk are effective when received by Autodesk. As a partner at Scott-Scott, LLP, Keli focuses primarily on software licensing and copyright infringement.


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